Cultural Exchange: Project Description

Against the background of the five nationalities united in the PQV, cultural exchange is a focal point of the quartet’s work. In the area of contemporary music, we develop programs with music of our respective countries and seek connections to other artistic forms of expression, such as art or literature. In September 2015 (Zurich) and February 2016 (Japan-Tour), compositions by Martin Derungs and the young Japanese composer Toshiro Mayuzumi are juxtaposed with the string quartet of Claude Debussy and the texts of Marcel Proust.

Pipa, Taiwanese Bamboo Flute, Erhu and String Quartet

Upon invitation of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna and the National Culture and Arts Foundation (Taipeh) we embarked on a discovery journey to the contemporary music of Europe and Taiwan. 18 young composers and 3 professors of Vienna and Taiwan wrote compositions for string quartet and the traditional Chinese instruments Pipa, Erhu and the Taiwanese bamboo flute.

Cultural Exchange Vienna – Shikoku (Japan)

Upon invitation of the association “Cultural Exchange Vienna – Shikoku, the PQV travels to Japan since 2010. In addition to public appearances in renowned concert halls, the PQV performs outreach concerts in schools, hospitals, special care homes etc.. Other projects connected with cultural exchange are public appearances in Nô-theatres or in temples with local musicians.
Simultaneously, the PQV explores Japanese culture, especially that of the Kagawa prefecture, thanks to the direct exchange with the local population. The impressions and experience gathered serve as inspiration for further projects.